Friday, August 10, 2012

A Teacher's Fashion Linky!

Jessica over at From Blood to Books is hosting a Teacher Fashion Linky Party.

Here are the guidelines...

1. Tell your favorite store(s) that you like to get your "teacher's fashion".

2. What are some of your favorite accessories?

3. What type of shoes do you teach in?

4. Do you have a "go-to" item in your closet?

5. Have you ever had a fashion "uh-oh" at school?

Sounds like fun, so here we go!

1. Favorite stores - I love Ann Taylor and Loft. I also get a lot of cute things from Kohl's. My favorite store has to be Cavendars!!!

2. I'm not big on jewelry because it always seems to get in the way at work, but when I do wear jewelry, I like simple, small earrings and cute blingy necklaces.

3. I LOVE shoes and wear anything from heels, flip-flops (we can only wear flip-flops of a "dressy nature") and my cowboy boots! However, most people will usually find me barefoot in class while teaching. I do have a pair of comfy shoes that I keep in my room in case of sore feet and if I need to run somewhere. :)

4. Go to item?? Hmmm, let's see. I guess it would have to be a black cardigan. I hate being cold! Sounds like a lot of teachers teach in cold classrooms.

5. I have definitely had a fashion uh-oh! Like I said earlier I love my cowboy boots. I'm that girl who wears them with everything - jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts. Well on our first day back from Christmas break I was so excited to wear my new boots I got for Christmas. I have 4 kids at home and of course, getting back into the school morning routine was difficult that morning. We were running late, so I threw on my new boots and rushed everyone out the door. Right before lunch (after I had been all over the school that morning, registering my step-son for school (he moved in with us over the break)I sat down and finally admired my cute, new boots - only to realize this:

It's hard to tell from the picture, but I have on one black and grey boot and one brown and turquoise boot!! The are the exact same brand and style, just different colors. Needless to say, I now turn on the closet light when putting shoes on!! No one said anything to me, so makes me wonder, did they not notice? or were they just being nice? Lucky for me my husband was at home and brought me a matching boot.

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  1. I have worn two different shoes as well... LOL

    Hodges Herald