Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last Days of Summer and Door Decorating Contest Help!


This made me giggle.  Hopefully no one really feels this way, but I know all of us no matter how much we love our jobs are a little reluctant to give up our summer.  I know I will be sad to see my days sleeping in, lounging out by the pool and freedom to do and go as I want disappear.  I am also super excited to start my new position and am looking forward to next Monday.

Our principal emailed us this week and told us that we are going to have a door decorating contest.  The grade level that incorporates the theme the best will win a 1/2 day of Christmas shopping!  That's right!  We get to go shopping!  My favorite hobby.  Here's the difficult part...The theme is BEST PRACTICE.  

This is where I need your help?  I'm drawing a blank here.  The only thing I can think of is sports related and that's not very original or creative.  Any ideas out there???  

What does best practice practice mean to you?  How would you express this in a theme for elementary grades?



  1. Love the cartoon. That is funny! Regarding your door... How about something with Social Media? I had found a real cute bulletin board centered around Facebook, tweeting , etc ... On Pinterest. It was a real hit!


  2. Best Practice - "The students are doing the work". Seriously. Let the students design and do the decorating around this idea. :)