Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday Snapshots - A New LINKY!!!

I am linking up with Miss Nelson in this fun, new linky party Saturday Snapshots.  (Even though I'm a day late) This a a perfect linky party for me because I absolutely LOVE taking pictures.  I currently have over 2,600 photos on my iPhone!  Most of the pictures are of my children!  

This pic is of 3 of my kids.  My daughter was at acting camp for two weeks in Corpus Christi.  I brought two of my boys with me to go pick her up.  As we were driving down Ocean Drive, we came across this park "Ropes Park".  What's so neat about this is, my youngest son is named Rope.  Needless to say, this made his day that he has his very own park!  My older children were being great sports and they were "pouting"  as he celebrated because they don't have a park named after them.  :)

Our oldest son right after completing boot camp.  We are so proud of him!

This just makes me laugh!

My hometown.

I have millions of pictures, I'd love to share, so I'll definitely be joining this linky every week (hopefully I'll make it on a Saturday next week.)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

End of School and June Currently

I'm back!  I went MIA in the blogging world.  I've made a goal for myself to try to post at least once a week during the summer.  We've been on summer break for 4 days.  I have to share my kids last day of school picture.  My youngest, Rope, was not happy that morning.  I like to think it was because school was over and he would be leaving his friends and teacher from Pre-K.  Every time I look at these pictures I just giggle.  One day he will too. 

Here is a side by side comparison of my kids on the first day of school and the last day.  Crazy how much they change and you don't realize it.  I now have a Junior, Sophomore, 8th grader and Kindergartener!

 I had forgotten how much I love reading all the Currently posts and joining in on the fun, so I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy in 4th Grade for her June Currently.

Here is my currently:

This show is quite interesting and really sucks you in!  Watching it makes me feel normal and not so bad about our crazy life!  Plus I'm too tired to locate the remote!

So glad it's summer!  I needed this break more this year than ever!  The last month at school was very stressful and sad for me.  My four closest friends at work (my lunch buddies) are all leaving and going to new schools next year.  I'm feeling very overwhelmed and sad that they won't be there.   Who will I eat lunch with?  I feel like a junior high kid! 

My house is a disaster!  I started my long awaited project of painting my kitchen cabinets and let's just say it's a slow process.  

Definitely wanting a cleaning fairy to show up while I'm asleep and clean things up around here.  Even though it's summer, with 4 kids at home I'm just as busy as I was during the school year!

My husband's job keeps him away from home.  Right now he's working in Minnesota - 18 hours away!  He is only able to come home once a month and it's been 3 weeks since I've seen him!  We miss him bunches around here!

Flipflops are a must for summer.  My favorites are my Yellow Box!

Sunscreen for a pale faced, freckled girl is a must!!

My camera - I am a picture fanatic and I'm constantly taking pics of my kids!  I have 2500 pictures on my iPhone! 


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