About Me

I am a mom to 4 boys and 1 girl, and 2 grandbabies!  (Ok, I know what you are saying, you cannot possibly be old enough to have grandbabies!  And you are right, they belong to my step-son, but step or not, I consider myself their grandma, or Mama Kate as they call me) My kids keep me super busy with all their sports and activities and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I teach in a small school in West Texas and have been there 10 years.  I have taught HS art, 1st grade, 6-12 resource English, 6-8 resource math, 7th grade English and Language Arts and now I am moving to 6th grade math!  I am so excited to be moving into math and can't wait to start sharing all my ideas on my blog.  When I'm not teaching or following my kids around at their various sporting events, you can find me coaching the high school cheer squad! 

Our family at our oldest son's wedding.

Our grandbabies!