Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rock Out Algebra 1 - Helping a fellow teacher

I wanted to blog about this and ask those of you that can and would like to, to consider donating.  This awesome young lady graduated from the school where I teach.  In college she traveled to many poverty stricken parts of the world to help out.  This past school year, she came back and was a substitute teacher at our school and was fabulous!  Every teacher's dream substitute! Terrace is now a first year teacher who has chosen to teach in a very low poverty area in Arizona.   Her students are not able to purchase school supplies and since she is young and just starting out, she is not able to buy many on her own either.  Please check out the link below and help her raise money for her first year of teaching.  We all remember our first year starting out!  I know she'd greatly appreciate it!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Since I am changing jobs and no longer teaching 6th grade I have debated on whether or not I should change the title of my blog.  At first I thought I would just keep it, but lately several people have mentioned they were excited to find another middle school blogger.  Now I feel if I leave it, I will be misleading them, so I decided I better change it.  But to what?  I have pondered for several weeks and tonight as I was looking at all the Monday Made Its, it hit me.  


 I love it!  I am the new redirection director at the elementary campus and I wanted my blog to have behavior in the title somewhere as to not mislead anyone AND I am in love with all the new chalkboard stuff out there, so I combined the two!  

Now I have a question, do I change my URL address?  If I do, does that mess up who follows me and links to my other posts?  Should I just leave it as is?  Any advice?