Sunday, September 2, 2012

Survived My First Week Back...barely!

I survived the first week of school...but barely! After reading all your blogs this weekend, I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one who is extremely exhausted! I thought this week was gonna kill me! Not only did I change subjects and grade levels this year, but I am also the high school cheerleading coach. Because school started later this year, it also meant that the first varsity football game was this week. Boy was it overwhelming to plan lessons for the first week plus a pep rally and two football games!! I didn't leave school until 7 everyday this week!

Here was my schedule the last 4 days:
My JV cheerleaders cheered their first game (away) on Thursday night - while my varsity cheerleaders were at the local radio station hosting the Hot 8 at 8 countdown . That was a blast!
My son also had his first JV football game on Thursday
Friday was the big pep rally (outside on the football field in 100 degree heat! bad planning on my part) and it was a success!
Friday night my daughter cheered at her first varsity football game and marched at halftime with the band and debuted her flute solo.
EARLY saturday morning, she ran in the first cross country meet of the year and did great!
That afternoon the high school cheerleaders held their first annual mini cheerleader clinic. We had 32 little girls in attendance. It was awesome, but extremely tiring. My girls were funny because they couldn't believe how hard it was to entertain and teach all those little girls. I told them they should now have a new respect for their teachers who do it all day, everyday!
Today was my anniversary so my hubby let me sleep late. Later we went to dinner and a movie. Hope Springs is hilarious.
I know that it won't slow down until about February, but I'm sure hoping to get my body used to the fast pace. I love being busy with all my kids activities because one day they will all be grown and I'll have nothing to do.

I love my 6th graders! I'll admit on the first day I wasn't too sure about 6th graders. They were a little needy and clingy and asked a TON of questions! But after a few days and lots of hugs, and sweet comments, I LOVE my 6th graders! Why didn't I move down sooner? They are still needy and have tons of questions, but we are working on that. They want to learn and they want to please you. They are funny and for the most part listen and participate in class. I'm loving it! What I'm not loving is that I am still totally unorganized!!! It's driving me insane! My co-teacher and I have basically planned day by day. I'm used to planning a week's worth. That is our goal, to get more organized.

Thank goodness we have tomorrow off for Labor Day! I really need the extra day of rest! How was your first week?

A few pictures from my week:On Mix 100!

Pep Rally (Wipeout theme). That's my son trying to do the "big balls" competition.
My varsity cheerleaders. (My Hannah is on the far right.)Hannah cheering!


  1. hello from the "currently" blog hop! Your classroom is super cute!

  2. Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun decorating it and LOVE being in it everyday.